The building systems of religious organizations can experience increased strain due to larger followings and use of the facilities for more events. Along with the increased growth comes heightened awareness of a building system’s inefficiency and maintenance costs, indoor air quality, ventilation and the congregation’s comfort. A building system’s inefficiency not only becomes expensive, it infringes on the congregations worship experience and programs.

Our technical and professional staff has a reputation for successfully delivering the performance required when retrofitting existing structures and when working with new construction. Design Tree Engineering understands the importance of comfort and how to achieve it without sacrificing a welcoming atmosphere and aesthetics. We design systems that maintain a structure’s warmth and aesthetics. We locate system equipment in hidden areas, disguise ductwork and employ lighting that accentuates the beauty of architectural features.

Our knowledge of building systems, commissioning, budgets, rebates and scheduling provides a solid foundation for us to help our clients succeed in lowering operation and maintenance costs while providing an inviting, comfortable and functional environment for the congregation.


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