Multi-Family Housing

Commercial Housing Properties are a large portion of new construction in many big cities and surrounding suburbs. They create an opportunity for community among residents, provide access to amenities, encourage safety and security for the people, their vehicles, pets & mail, and maximize livable space in growing cities.

Architectural design and components for multi-family and student housing has evolved over time, but no matter what the space looks like, and how the aesthetics can make a person feel, they need comfort and convenience. That’s where Design Tree comes in. We work to provide Earth-friendly, efficient and intelligent HVAC & Electrical systems. Our Civil and Structural teams work to create cost-effective, smart designs that increase safety and ensure protection from the elements.

We boarded this train when it was still just a few cars, and we’re rolling through more stations than ever. Since early 2019 we have designed nearly 1,400 units across a dozen projects.

Twin Cities, MN

  • Ox-Op Gallery & Residences, 153 Units
  • 703 Central Apartments, 159 Units
  • The Mariner Apartments (Affordable Housing), 56 Units
  • 1400 Loring Mixed Use, 231 Units
  • O’Gara’s Mixed Use, 162 Units
  • 2644 Nicollet Ave Mixed Use, 80 Units
  • Oaks Minnehaha Apartments, 109 Units
  • Oaks Longfellow Apartments, 68 Units
  • 821 6th Ave SE Apartments, 51 Units
  • Chicago Lake Mixed Use, 48 Unit


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