When building a new facility, or updating an existing one, the manufacturing industry depends on productivity, functionality and versatility to protect their bottom line. Those factors cannot be limited by the building systems or controls. Building systems and controls for these facilities need to be designed to support not only the current needs, but the future demands.

Design Tree Engineering has planned, designed and constructed millions of dollars worth of infrastructure improvements for manufacturing facilities. We understand that improperly sized equipment, or lack of redundancy, can slow operations or bring them to a grinding halt, either of which affects the productivity of the facility and its financial viability.

Design Tree has the resourcefulness to develop solutions that allow facilities to grow into their systems without being crippled by low equipment efficiency, or high operation and maintenance costs. By looking at the current and future needs of a manufacturer, Design Tree can make recommendations for the use of variable speed drives, providing space for additional ventilation fans, over-sizing of ductwork or piping, etc. Our inclusive thought-process and method of design allows a facility to meet their current demands, but also allows room to grow in the future without having to take critical equipment off-line and inhibiting production. All of these are critical to the productivity, functionality and versatility of the facility and its profitability.


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