Whether a resort, hotel, casino, spa or restaurant a welcoming, comfortable atmosphere that keeps occupancy high, guests satisfied and wanting to return is the highest priority. Aesthetics and controllability are essential to creating this environment, but making the buildings systems efficient and cost effective to operate and maintain also plays a large role in the long-term financial viability of a facility.

Design Tree Engineering has successfully planned, designed and constructed millions of dollars worth of infrastructure improvements for hospitality clients across the country. By listening to our client’s desires and expectations, we create an environment and selecting building systems that meet their exacting needs. We understand environment doesn’t just mean temperature and humidity… aesthetics and lighting are just as important to the financial success of your property. We design systems that locate equipment in hidden areas, disguise ductwork in architectural features or it an architectural feature, and employee creative lighting to enhance a structure’s architectural features. Our design initiatives protect the property aesthetics, provide guest comfort, while delivering systems that are efficient and cost effective to operate and maintain all a reflection on your bottom line.


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