Health Care

With advancements in medical technology and a higher priority on patient care and comfort, major renovations to building systems are necessary. Coupled with continuously changing health care regulations, concerns on indoor air quality, the need for real-time data, and the demand for increased energy efficiency; building systems are being pushed to their limits or beyond.

Design Tree Engineering understands that the stakes are high and system performance is of vital importance. Our technical and professional staff have the ability and creativeness to develop unique solutions for each situation to meet the Client’s and their patient’s needs.

Design Tree has been retained by health care entities due to our thoroughness on projects from start to finish. We listen to the Client to design a system that efficiently and effectively meets their expectations. All the while realizing that time is of the essence and extended downtime in a healthcare facility is not an option. At the completion of construction, Design Tree commissions the building systems to ensure that system performance is as expected and to ensure the Client’s infrastructure needs are fulfilled.


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