City of Brandon

Client: City of Brandon
Location: Brandon, MN
Services: Civil, Survey, Electrical, Mechanical


The water system improvements project consisted of distribution system improvements, a new water tower, a new water treatment facility, rehabilitation of the City’s existing wells and a new water metering system.

The distribution system improvements replaced aged cast iron and transite watermains with PVC as well as the replacement of valves, hydrants, services and curb stops to help reduce the City’s operation & maintenance costs. The water distribution system infrastructure replaced lies under the streets in Brandon as does the sanitary sewer. To avoid having to tear the street apart again in a few years, the City opted to bond for the funds to finance the replacement of their aging sanitary sewer and the complete reconstruction of 6 blocks of city street where the watermains were being replaced.

The water system improvements also included the construction of a 100,000 gallon elevated storage tank to replace their existing 30,000 gallon tank. The new elevated storage tank provides a minimum of 1 day of water supply for the City, additional fire protection volume and better water pressure throughout the City. These factors resulted in a lower ISO rating for the City and therefore, lower insurance rates for the City, its residents and businesses.

The construction of a new vertical pressure filter water treatment plant was also part of the improvements. The new water treatment facility replaced an aged system with a fully automated treatment facility to provide a higher quality of water to the residents of the City.

The improvements also included the rehabilitation of the existing City wells including the cleaning of the screen, installation of new drop pipe, new pumps and VFDs to reduce energy consumption and lower operating costs.

As part of the improvements, the City also installed a new radio-read water metering and billing system throughout the City to ensure that the billings for the water system are fair and equitable based on water usage.

Design Tree assisted the City by preparing the grant applications for the Small Cities Development Program Grant and the USDA Rural Development grant and Loan. These efforts resulted in the City receiving $1,557,000 of grant money for a total project of $3,242,000 or 48% grant money.

Due to Design Tree’s thoroughness during the project design and our ability to adapt changing conditions in the field, the total change orders on all of the projects was less than 0.5% and the City was able to utilize leftover grant funds to replace an additional 7 blocks of aged water distribution piping without any additional cost burden to the City’s residents.

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